Advanced research workshop “Meso–2012”

Mesoscopic and strongly correlated electron systems — 6

Non-equilibrium and coherent phenomena at nanoscale

June 17-23, 2012, Chernogolovka, Russia


Abstract preparation

Please, format the abstract of your contribution using the following template.

The abstract, up to 1/2-page in size, may contain several paragraphs, formulas, and a list of references.

If you use authomatic equation and reference numbering, please, supply latex labels with the family name of the presenting author, e.g.,

\label{Petrov-eq1}, \bibitem{Petrov-ref1}, \bibitem{Petrov-ref2}, etc.

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\title{The title of your contribution}

\author{\underline{Presenting Author}}
\affiliation{Affiliation One}

\author{Author Two}
\affiliation{Affiliation Two}

\author{Author Three}
\affiliation{Affiliation One}
\affiliation{Affiliation Three}


The text of your abstract, up to half a page.

It may contain several paragraphs, formulas
  \cos^2\alpha + \sin^2\alpha \approx 1,
and a list of references produced
by the standard REVTeX environment.

\bibitem{Petrov-ref1} Reference One.
\bibitem{Petrov-ref2} Reference Two.