Advanced research workshop “Meso–2012”

Mesoscopic and strongly correlated electron systems — 6

Non-equilibrium and coherent phenomena at nanoscale

June 17-23, 2012, Chernogolovka, Russia



Program with abstracts
Sunday, June 17
9:00–9:05 Opening remarks
9:05–9:45H. BuhmannMercury Telluride: A Topological Insulator (video)
9:45–10:25Z.D. KvonNonlocal transport in a 2D semimetal, a 2D topological insulator and a system of 2D Dirac fermions based on HgTe quantum wells (video)
10:25–11:05J. CheckelskyFerromagnetism and Electric Field Effect in Magnetically Doped Topological Insulator (video)
11:05–11:30 Coffee break
11:30–12:10Y. AndoProbing the Exotic Surface States in Topological Insulators and Superconductors (video)
12:10–12:50P. IoselevichMajorana state on the surface of disordered 3D topological insulator (video)
12:50–14:15 Lunch
14:15–14:55M. LevinProtected edge modes without symmetry (video)
14:55–15:35L. LevitovEnergy-driven drag in graphene (video)
15:35–16:15D. IvanovHybridization of wave functions in one-dimensional Anderson localization (video)
16:15–16:40 Coffee break
16:40–17:20M. SnelderJosephson supercurrent through a topological insulator surface state (video)
17:20–18:00Yukio TanakaTunneling Conductance and Surface States Transition in Superconducting Topological Insulators (video)
19:00–21:00 Welcome party
Monday, June 18
9:00–9:40H. BouchiatAC phase dependent response and minigap spectroscopy of diffusive SNS junctions (video)
9:40–10:20V. ManucharyanExperiments with Andreev bound states in InAs semiconducting nanowires with superconducting leads (video)
10:20–11:00V. ShumeikoNonadiabatic Josephson dynamics in junctions with in-gap quasiparticles (video)
11:00–11:30 Coffee break
11:30–12:10M. ZgirskiQuasiparticle trapping in Andreev bound states (video)
12:10–12:50D. AbaninMeasuring entanglement of generic many-body systems (video)
12:50–14:15 Lunch
14:15–14:55C. ChapelierTunneling spectroscopy of fluctuating and localized preformed Cooper pairs in highly disordered superconductors (video)
14:55–15:35I. BurmistrovEnhancement of superconductivity by Anderson localization (video)
15:35–16:15T. CrenBreak-up of long-range coherence in homogeneously disordered ultrathin superconducting NbN films close to the superconductor-insulator transition (video)
16:15–16:40 Coffee break
16:40–17:20V. BouchiatElectrical Control of the Superconducting-to-Insulating Transition in Graphene/Metal Hybrids (video)
17:20–18:00N.P. ArmitageBroadband microwave measurements across the zero temperature superconductor-resistive magnetic field tuned transition in InO_x (video)
19:40–21:00 Poster session and discussions
Tuesday, June 19
9:00–9:40J. PekolaDissipated work, fluctuation relations and Maxwell’s demon in electron tunneling (video)
9:40–10:20Yu. PashkinCoherent and incoherent charge pumping with Coulomb blockade devices (video)
10:20–11:00M. RudnerSpin-orbit-mediated coupling of electron spin dynamics and nanomechanical motion in carbon nanotubes (video)
11:00–11:30 Coffee break
11:30–12:10A. ShtykEnchancement of electron-phonon cooling rate due to Cooper pairing (video)
12:10–12:50E. DemlerExploring many-body physics with synthetic matter (video)
12:50–14:15 Lunch
14:15–14:55A. FinkelsteinTransverse transport in disordered superconducting films above T_c : the Hall vs Nernst effects (video)
14:55–15:35K. TikhonovNonlinear fluctuation conductivity in disorders films and wires (video)
15:35–16:15Ch. QuaySpin imbalance and spin-charge separation in a Mesoscopic Superconductor (video)
16:15–16:40 Coffee break
16:40–17:20L. TagirovManifestations of the long-range triplet pairing in superconductor-ferromagnet proximity heterostructures - theory versus experiment (video)
17:20–18:00V. RyazanovDouble proximity effect in hybrid planar Superconductor-(Normal metal/Ferromagnet)-Superconductor structures (video)
18:00–18:40M. SkvortsovSubgap states in disordered superconductors (video)
19:40–21:00 Poster session and discussions
Wednesday, June 20
9:00–9:40B. SacepeGate-tuned normal and superconducting transport at the surface of a topological insulator (video)
9:40–10:20Hong YaoQuantum spin liquids in simple model systems (video)
10:20–11:00A.S. Mel'nikovSuperconductivity induced by proximity effect in low dimensional systems: Andreev reflection, Josephson effect and vortex states (video)
  Excursions and free time
Thursday, June 21
9:00–9:40O. AstafievCoherent quantum phase-slip in superconducting nano-wires (video)
9:40–10:20M. GershensonSuperinductor with Tunable Non-Linearity (video)
10:20–11:00A. SilvaQuantum quenches and universal non-equilibrium work statistics (video)
11:00–11:30 Coffee break
11:30–12:10R. McDermott1/f Noise and Dephasing from Surface Magnetic States in SQUIDs and Superconducting Qubits (video)
12:10–12:50R. DeblockQuantum Noise Measurement of a Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dot in the Kondo Regime (video)
12:50–14:15 Lunch
14:15–14:55A. UstinovSpectroscopy and Coherent Manipulation of Two-Level Defects in Disordered Solid (video)
14:55–15:35E. Il'ichevDressed state amplification by a superconducting qubit (video)
15:35–16:00 Coffee break
16:00–16:40M. DelbecqQuantum dot circuits in microwave cavities (video)
16:40–17:20C. RoesslerQuantum devices in ultra clean electron systems (video)
17:20–18:00A. AnthoreStrong back-action of a linear circuit on a single electronic quantum channel (video)
18:40–22:00 Conference dinner
Friday, June 22
9:00–9:40P. OstrovskyMetal-Insulator Transition in 2D Systems with Chiral Symmetry (video)
9:40–10:20Dan ShaharLittle-Parks oscillations in an insulator (video)
10:20–11:00M. SerbynOnset of superconductivity in a mesoscopic voltage-biased NSN junction (video)
11:00–11:30 Coffee break
11:30–12:10Yu. GalperinDecoherence in quantum bits due to low-frequency noise (video)
12:10–12:50M. ReznikovSpin-droplet state of interacting two-dimensional system (video)
12:50–14:15 Lunch
14:15–14:55J. SmetProbing interaction induced quantum Hall states in graphene (video)
14:55–15:35A. YoungSpin and valley quantum Hall ferromagnetism in monolayer graphene (video)
15:35–16:15L. FaoroInternal loss of superconducting resonators induced by interacting two level systems (video)
16:15–16:40 Coffee break
16:40–17:20V. KachorovskiiTunneling into a Luttinger liquid revisited (video)
17:20–18:00S.I. DorozhkinEffects under conditions of the microwave-induced 'zero-resistance' state (video)
19:40–21:00 Poster session and discussions
Saturday, June 23
9:00–9:40K. MichaeliSuperconductivity and Ferromagnetism in Oxide Interface Structures: Possibility of Finite Momentum Pairs (video)
9:40–10:20S. IlaniAn Unusual Phase Diagram of the 2D Electrons at the LaAlO_3/SrTiO_3 interface (video)
10:20–11:00L. IoffeWeak and strong insulators: evidence from level statistics (video)
11:10–11:20 Conference closing
13:00–14:30 Lunch