Advanced research workshop “Meso–2012”

Mesoscopic and strongly correlated electron systems — 6

Non-equilibrium and coherent phenomena at nanoscale

June 17-23, 2012, Chernogolovka, Russia


Participants and poster contributions

  • S. Aksenov (Kirensky Inst. of Phys.)
    A Fano resonance in transport characteristics of 1D atomic spin structures
  • M. Arifullin (Orenburg Univ.)
    Multispin entanglement in fermion systems
  • S. Bakurskiy (Moscow State Univ.)
    Josephson φ-device concept based on complex nanostructures with normal metal/ferromagnet bilayer
  • A. Burmistrova (Moscow State Univ.)
    Calculation of the normal and the superconducting current in heterostructures with superconducting pnictide
  • M. Delbecq (ENS)
    Coupling a quantum dot, fermionic leads and a cavity on chip
  • M. Denisenko (Nizhny Novg. State Univ.)
    Single-shot measurements simulation in Josephson qubits coupled to a bosonic bath
  • I. Devyatov (Moscow State Univ.)
  • M. Diez (Leiden Univ.)
  • D. Efimkin (Inst. of Spectroscopy)
    Cooper pair fluctuations in the system of spatially separated electrons and holes
  • K. Fedorov (KIT)
    Measurements of single fluxon radiation spectra in annular Josephson junctions
  • O. Gamayun (Bogolubov Institute for Theoretical Physics)
  • Y. Gerasimenko (Lebedev Phys. Inst.)
    Disorder-tuned Transition from Bulk through Filamentary Superconductivity to AF insulator in Q1D metal
  • T. Golikova (ISSP RAS)
    Coherent transport in hybrid planar S/N and S/NF structures
  • V. Gurtovoi (Inst. of Microelect. Tech.)
    A new superconducting interferometer as a detector of quantum states
  • D. Heim (Ulm Univ.)
    Concept of tunable qubit based on a molecule of two fractional Josephson vortices
  • K. Hovhannisyan (Alikhanyan NSL)
    Thermodynamics of enhanced heat transfer: a model study
  • S. Kafanov (RIKEN)
    Transport measurements of coherent quantum phase slips.
  • D. Kalok (Weizmann Inst.)
    Search for hyper-activation in the insulating side of the superconductor-insulator transition in Indium Oxide
  • P. Karpov ( MISIS)
  • A. Katanin (Inst. of Metal Phys.)
  • I. Khaymovich (IPM RAS)
    Vortex core states in 2D electron system with proximity induced superconductivity
  • E. Koenig (KIT)
    Interaction and disorder effects in 3D topological insulator thin films
  • O. Kotov (MIPT)
    Electromagnetic wave in graphene at the interface between two dielectric media
  • T. Krishtop (IRE RAS)
    Linear temperature dependence of quantum contact conductance as a consequence of electron scattering by the Friedel oscillations
  • A. Kuntsevich (Lebedev Phys. Inst.)
    Indication of a ferromagnetic 2D droplet state
  • M. Mahmoodian (Rzhanov Inst. of Semicond. Phys. )
  • P. Maksimov (MIPT)
  • S. Mironov (IPM RAS)
    Anisotropy of fluctuation conductivity near the onset of localized superconductivity
  • D. Miserev (Novosibirsk State Univ.)
    Electron States in Graphene with One-dimensional Potential Barriers and Wells: Exact and Approximate Results
  • R. Morari (Inst. of Elect. Eng. and Nanotech.)
  • L. Morgun (Lebedev Phys. Inst.)
    Anomaly in temperature dependence of magnetoresistance for dilute 2DEG in high mobility Si-MOSFET
  • A. Mostovov (SEA Saclay)
  • A. Pankratov (IPM RAS)
    Fluctuational effects in Josephson junctions
  • W. Pogosov (Inst. for Theor. and Appl. Electrodyn.)
    'Probabilistic' approach to Richardson equations
  • S. Postolova (Rzhanov Inst. of Semicond. Phys.)
    Superconducting fluctuations and the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in ultrathin TiN films
  • M. Prokudina (ISSP RAS)
    Energy relaxation between the electrons of counter propagating edge channels in quantum Hall effect regime
  • C. Quay (Orsay)
  • L. Revin (IPM RAS)
    Spectral and power properties of long Josephson junctions as a source of broadband noise radiation
  • Y. Rodionov (Inst. for Theor. and Appl. Electrodyn.)
    Non-linear dissipation in a strongly blockaded Single Electron Box
  • D. Savinov (IPM RAS)
    Hybridization and interference effects for localized superconducting states in strong magnetic field
  • A. Shcherbakowa (KIT)
    Dispersive Readout of Flux Qubit Fabricated in KIT
  • A. Sheyerman (IRE RAS)
    Superconducting Heterostructure with Hybrid Magnetic Interlayer
  • A. Shtyk (Landau ITP)
  • K. Shulga (MIPT)
  • O. Skryabina ()
  • A. Sokolik (Inst. of Spectroscopy)
    Electron-hole Cooper pairing in thin film of topological insulator
  • V. Stolyarov ()
  • L. Tagirov (Kazan Fed. Univ.)
    Manifestations of the long-range triplet pairing in superconductor-ferromagnet proximity heterostructures - theory versus experiment
  • E. Tikhonov (ISSP RAS)
    Shot noise measurement in a GaAs transistor
  • O. Udalov (IPM RAS)
    Current rectification in the artificial multilayer structure containing three magnetic layers with non-coplanar magnetization distribution
  • V. Val'kov (Kirensky Inst. of Phys.)
    Coexistence of superconductivity and antiferromagnetism in strong electron correlation systems with heavy fermions
  • V. Vanovsky (MIPT)
  • D. Vodolazov (IPM RAS)
    Enhancement of the retrapping current of superconducting microbridges of finite length
  • S. Zikirin (Inst. of Chem. Kinet. and Combus.)
    EPR lanthanum manganite (La0,5Eu0,5)0,7Pb0,3MnO3