Advanced research workshop “Meso–2012”

Mesoscopic and strongly correlated electron systems — 6

Non-equilibrium and coherent phenomena at nanoscale

June 17-23, 2012, Chernogolovka, Russia


Announcement: Sixth Conference in the Series "Mesoscopic and Strongly Correlated Electron Systems" organized jointly by Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics and Institute of Solid State Physics (Russian Academy of Sciences). This workshop continues the series of conferences held in Chernogolovka in 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006, and 2009.

Main topics
  • Charge and spin dynamics in nanostructures
  • Topological insulators
  • Charge-phase duality and qubits
  • Strongly disordered superconductors and SIT
  • Non-equilibrium 2DEG

The goal: to bring together theorists and experimentalists working on the problems at the frontier of modern condensed matter physics.

Framework: about 60 invited talks (40 minutes duration each) distributed mainly, but not exclusively, among the topics listed above, followed by round-table panels focusing on specific "hot problems" to be indentified during the Workshop. Informal discussions and poster session following flash presentations of posters will be arranged.

Location: Chernogolovka is a research center of Russian Academy of Sciences, located 60 km North-East of Moscow. Public transportation to/from Moscow is regular and convenient. Shuttle bus and some flexible culture program will be arranged for the participants.

Dates: June 17, Sunday, will be the first working day of the meeting, starting 9 a.m. International arrivals are expected on Saturday, June 16. Scientific program will conclude on Saturday, June 23.

Financials: Organizing Committee will attempt to cover all local expenses for invited speakers.

School: a summer school on nanophysics and nanoelectronics will be held just before the conference, on June 12–19, 2012.

Sponsors of the Conference:
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